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    Transporterama is an online store, specialising in motoring and motorsport books and related products. Run by enthusiasts for enthusiasts! What started as selling part of a personal motoring book collection has now evolved in retailing a wide range of motoring and motorsport related products such as books, magazines, programmes, memorabilia, watches, art and DVDs. We also publish the occasional book and offer eBooks within our stock range. We are happy to enter into discussion to acquire the item in which you are interested, so feel free to make us an offer but not too cheeky t
  2. Adamir Marchand was a Swiss watch/clock maker and inventor in the early 1900s for the prestige watch brand Benrus. His Great Grandson, Daniel started the Marchand brand to share his Swiss heritage and passion/experience with motor racing to bring to life the UK's newest motoring watch brand. Adamir Marchand Below is just one of Adamir's inventions from 1949 which is his design of a calendar timepiece which was later patented by him in 1952. It's just awesomely inspirational for us to read back on the work of Adamir and start our new brand under his
  3. Author: Brian Laban (2016) Publisher: Crowood Press Hardback, 12 Chapters, 208 pages Retail Price: £25.00 A very well laid out book detailing the history of the XK range of Jaguars with many black & white and colour photographs, illustrations and supporting data. The Author has successfully covered the range of XKs from the inception in 1948 to the E-Type, with each chapter chronologically detailing the marque and history of the manufacturer’s technological evolution within that era. The Jaguar XK was incredibly successful in racing and this has been covered in det
  4. TOM BARNARD - 'I GATHERED NO MOSS' Tom Barnard, a local author, racing driver, engineer, boat builder, track designer, car designer along with a string of other accomplishments. His book 'I gathered no moss', an autobiography detailing his fascinating life story. His book starts with the advent of WW1 when his father returned from the war and purchased Bluepool at Furzebrooke. He then set about landscaping the grounds with rare plants and trees. Soon enough, tourists started flocking to this wonderful place of tranquillity. WW2 then disrupted procee
  5. Written by Peter Lightfoot - A brand new Book listing the history of Jaguars' people that made the car and shaped the future of the motor industry A unique perspective of the Jaguar car company over the decades and the people that made the company and motoring history. So many superbly illustrated and technically explicit books have been written about Jaguar cars over the long and successful existence of the marque, but not many have been written about ‘the people’ that created and shaped the future of the Jaguar brand. This book is dedicated to the bosses and employees that made the

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