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    The Real R3 Story

    By the early 1990s the Rover Group sales were on the up. Their relationship with Honda had produced the success of the Rover 200, the flagship Rover 800 and the company was now in the hands of British Aerospace Unfortunately the world"s economy was not strong, with the world"s markets for both cars and planes, commercial and military, falling. It is in these times that the SK3 project started, stalled and was reborn as the R3 Rover 200. It has been called 'The last all-British, volume car' but that's not true... It is a story worth telling and now has been told by many of those involved at the time. They have revisited distant areas of their memories, their lofts and drawers to recover lost parts of a fascinating story. Versions have been told before, but they are based on facts released at the time, and are therefore only partially complete. The story covers the the genesis of the car, Honda's involvement, the switch to being a Rover-only project, the design and engineering, marketing and launch of, in Quentin Willson's words of the time, "This little Burster"! The Rover 200 & 400 Owners Club has compiled their stories into this 80-page full cover book. I recently reviewed the book and found the accuracy and detailed information to be of the highest quality. Having owned and operated an MG Rover garage for many years, my involvement with these cars during the period before and after administration, was based on mutual respect to both the cars and the owners. It was easy to see why these cars had an appeal to a specific market, unfortunately though not to the mass market due to media reviews of poor substance (Top Gear springs to mind) and the British public never really warmed to the brand as they should have done. I personally owned several 200 models, diesel, petrol and my particular favourite the 200 LE 'BRM' which was a superb car in every respect. Head Gasket failure was an issue but once the revised polyelastimer gasket of more substantial quality was fitted (without skimming the head) it resolved the issue and we never had one returned. Overall, it was a quality small car which should have enjoyed more success than it did and definitely deserves its place in British automotive history. Thanks to this very well written publication, the cars' history lives on and those lucky few to have owned one should enjoy reading this book which delivers plenty of factual and historic information. Enjoy!
  3. LAUNCH OFFER - £5 discount on 'Jaguar The Cars & The People' for Book Club Members

    Jaguar - The Cars and The People by Peter Lightfoot

    A brand new Book listing the history of Jaguars' people that made the car and shaped the future of the motor industry

    A unique perspective of the Jaguar car company over the decades and the people that made the company and motoring history.
    So many superbly illustrated and technically explicit books have been written about Jaguar cars over the long and successful existence of the marque, but not many have been written about ‘the people’ that created and shaped the future of the Jaguar brand.
    This book is dedicated to the bosses and employees that made the Jaguar brand a truly legendary car brand, recognised and respected worldwide, both on the roads and the race tracks.


  4. The 300 SL (W 194) is the first racing car with which Mercedes-Benz renewed its participation in international automobile racing in the postwar period. Top-ranking positions and triumphs, such as at the legendary twenty-four-hour endurance race in Le Mans or the Carrera Panamericana in Mexico, are not a long time in the coming and as early as 1952 secure a place for the Stuttgart-based make in the worldwide motor sports scene.

    The racing car achieved particular fame for its unusual gull-winged doors, which turn the production sports car 300 SL, introduced in 1954 and directly derived from the W 194, into one of the lasting icons in automobile history.


    The book provides exhaustive and authentic documentation of the technical development of the W 194 based on extensive research in the archives of Mercedes-Benz Classic: all of the races as well as the biography of each individual vehicle are presented with the aid of in part unpublished images and illustrations. Its high-quality design as well as its exquisite features make the book a true collector's item. 

    Packaged within two outer hard card wallets.

    Number of Pages: 302 (Double Page)
    Packaged Dimensions: 300x385mm
    Format: Hardback
    Publisher: Hatje Cantz
    Release Date: 2015-09-02

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