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Jaguar E-type Factory and Private Competition Cars - Transporterama

Jaguar E-type Factory and Private Competition Cars


This book takes a detailed look at the racing E-type: an exciting and important aspect of Jaguar’s history, but one that has often been overlooked and poorly documented.

The racing E-type Jaguar emerged from the ambition of both the racing fraternity and Jaguar enthusiasts who wanted to take this iconic British sports car onto the track to see what it would do. With official (and sometimes unofficial) help from the factory, the E-type was continually developed and modified from almost the first week that the first production car left the factory. Recognised the world over, this beautiful aerodynamic car remains as popular today as it was in the 1960s.

This fascinating book features period photographs and stories from the E-type’s early racing days, describes how the cars evolved, and gives details of the lightweights, semi-lightweights and factory specials, the Le Mans cars, the Modsports era, and the replica lightweight racing phenomena. The detailed appendices include lists of cars and drivers, book and magazine references.

As the only book in its field to cover every aspect of the E-type’s competitive history from 1961 until the present day, the author redresses the balance to detail the 95% of cars usually overlooked. The reader will find hundreds of previously unseen photographs and new information, providing an invaluable source of material for anyone interested in this incredible sports car. 

  • Dedicated solely to the Jaguar racing E-types
  • Over 400 photographs and pictures – most previously unpublished
  • Over 450 racing E-types identified and listed, including car registration numbers
  • All competition exploits recorded including the modsports era
  • Commentary and photographs of factory lightweights, specials and the Le Mans cars
  • Photographic comparison of cars then and now
  • Includes drivers list
  • Chapter on originality, traceability and values
  • Detailed bibliography and list of relevant magazine articles
  • Extensive first hand experience of 50 years involvement with Jaguar E-type racing