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You & Your Jaguar XK/XKR - Transporterama

You & Your Jaguar XK/XKR

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You & Your Jaguar XK/XKR - Buying, Enjoying, Maintaining, Modifying

A new paperback version of the only book on the complete Jaguar XK/XKR range of 1996 to 2014. Covering design, development, maintenance, modifications and full model-by-model details, this is the perfect ‘handbook’ for the XK range.

The Jaguar XK was launched to great acclaim in 1996 as the successor to the XJS. Jaguar’s XK sports models were produced from 1996 to 2014 in two distinct forms: the original steel-bodied XK, and, in 2005, the advanced technology aluminium-bodied New XK. Highly significant for Jaguar, these cars reintroduced the world to Jaguar sports car motoring and, in doing so, echoed the success of previous icons, such as the E-type.

The original edition of this book covered just the X-100 (original series) XKs from 1996 through to 2005. This edition, now in paperback, brings the story up to date with the X-150 alloy-bodied cars, from 2006 through to the end of production in 2014. A significantly enlarged work, packed with information and over 130 additional full-colour pictures, this fascinating book is essential reading for all XK owners, prospective owners and enthusiasts – the perfect XK ‘handbook.’

232 pages and 180 pictures