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Ford Cars (1945-1995) - A Pictorial History - Transporterama

Ford Cars (1945-1995) - A Pictorial History

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A complete catalogue of Ford UK cars

This compact guide to all British Fords built between 1945 and 1995 is illustrated throughout with full colour photos, detailed model comparisons, and technical information, making it an essential identification guide for any Ford enthusiast.

Lavishly illustrated with real-world examples

Each of our Pictorial History guides provides a unique record into the range of models produced by some of the world's most famous auto makers of the 19th and 20th centuries. This guide covers all cars sold by Ford of Britain between 1945 and 1955, and is packed with over 330 photographs, some especially taken at events, fan meetings, and car gatherings all over the UK. You'll also find details of the models created by specialist coachbuilders, making this a comprehensive guide to Ford's UK consumer vehicles.

Detailed and accurate

Accompanying the hundreds of photographs, Ford Cars also includes detailed descriptions for every model, including specifications, interior trim, and optional extras; you'll even find gear shift-gate patterns, dash layout diagrams, and original colour options.

Model by model comparisons, including special editions, production dates, and the original prices of vehicles when they were introduced, make this the perfect pocket-sized, comprehensive guide to every consumer-level UK Ford of the period.

A catalogue of UK Fords

Ford UK Cars 1945-1995 is a complete catalogue of Ford's UK cars of the era, and includes invaluable details that make for the perfect authenticity and identification guide, whether you're an expert restorer, or an armchair aficionado. This is a comprehensive history of all the UK models, (excluding commercial vehicles) from the Anglia to the Zephyr – and everything in between.

The cars inside

Covering Ford UK cars produced between 1945 and 1995, this guide covers the following models: Pilot; Prefect E49 series; Anglia E49 series; Popular 103E series, Consul Mk1; Zephyr Mk1; Zephyr/Zodiac Mk1; Prefect 100E; Anglia 100E; Prefect 107E; Popular 100E; Consul Mk2; Zephyr Mk2; Zodiac Mk2; Anglia 105E; Consul Classic; Consul Capri; Cortina Mk1; Zephyr Mk3; Zodiac Mk3; Corsair; Cortina Mk2; Zephyr Mk4; Zodiac Mk4; Escort Mk1; Capri Mk1; Cortina Mk3; Consul; Granada Mk1; Capri Mk2; Escort Mk2; Cortina Mk4; Fiesta Mk1; Granada Mk2; Capri Mk3; Cortina Mk5; Escort Mk3; Orion Mk1; Sierra Mk1; Fiesta Mk2; Granada Mk3; Escort Mk4; Orion Mk2; Sierra/Sapphire; Fiesta Mk3; Escort Mk5; Orion Mk3; Probe; Escort mark 6; Mondeo.

Does not include pre-1945 models, post-1995 cars, or commercial vehicles.