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Transporterama Audi R8 - The Autobiography of R8-405

Audi R8 - The Autobiography of R8-405


This newly launched book documents in-depth the story of a car that took Audi to the forefront of endurance racing – Audi R8, chassis ‘R8-405’

The Audi R8 was the first in a line of world-beating sports-prototype cars from the Ingolstadt marque which would dominate Le Mans and would see Audi remain at the forefront of international sports-car racing for over 15 years.

This lavishly produced book with 320 pages covering ‘R8-405’s racing career in-depth, is essential reading for all motorsport enthusiasts and devotees of the Audi marque.

Fascinating and authoritative text from award-winning author Ian Wagstaff and published by Porter Press International is the fifteenth book in the acclaimed, award-winning Great Cars series. This book is extensively illustrated with over 350 images, including stunning period photography of the car in action during its two seasons of frontline competition, and a gallery of studio photographs depicting the car today.