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Ford Mustang 3rd Generation - The Essential Buyer's Guide - Transporterama

Ford Mustang 3rd Generation - The Essential Buyer's Guide


With even the youngest ‘Fox-body’ Mustang now approaching its 30th birthday, there can be plenty of horrors hiding in each one. Enthusiasts and experts share their knowledge, tips and advice to help you pick the best ‘Fox’ Mustang or Capri that your budget will allow.

Ford and Mercury sold well over 2.5 million of their fantastic 'Fox-body' Mustang and Capri sports coupes, hatches and convertibles over a 15-year lifespan, but with the youngest among them currently approaching their 30th birthday, the years will have taken their toll. With Foxes now taking their place among their predecessors in the classic Mustang pantheon, and prices on the rise, this is the time to buy.

They've passed through their 'cheap clunker' phase, and this book looks at the Fox Mustang/Capri for the 21st century. Whether you're searching for a daily driver or a cosseted investment; a 'survivor' or a highly-modified custom; a cruiser or a drag-strip warrior, this book looks at the common issues and rust spots, the most desirable years, specifications and options, and how to find, buy, maintain and enjoy the right Fox for you.

Author Dave Smith is a motoring journalist and Fox owner, builder and enthusiast, and with help from other enthusiasts and experts, has put together a pocket guide that will be indispensable for the prospective Fox buyer!