Muscle Cars and Hot Rods

Muscle Cars and Hot Rods

My fascination with American Muscle Cars started at a tender age of 17 years old when I first bought a copy of Hot Rod magazine imported from America. Blew my mind that they were building and driving such powerful and awesome looking machines and we were still customising the likes of Ford Cortina's and Escort's with a Pinto engine and Weber carbs. 
Moving on some 40+ years and a lifetime collection of car books still in my possession from my youth, the ones that I still go back to look at are my collection of American Muscle Cars books.
Having owned many American Cars, mainly Mustang's and Camaro's which were my passion over the years it still amazes me at how they were so different to what we were driving over in the UK.
Raw power (and poor handling it has to be said) really put your driving skills to the test. Fuel was consumed at an alarming rate but it was worth it for the pure adrenaline that rushed through your body on acceleration in one of these brutal machines.
So here we are now with a new generation of modern Muscle Cars and Trucks to satisfy our need for speed and power. They are no less, in fact definitely more refined, the original Muscle Car that I remember. 
I have listed my personal collection of books which I have cherished for over 40 years and are mostly in great original condition. There are some rare ones which are incredibly hard to find now, even in the States. Enjoy looking and hopefully you'll add some to your collection

General American Cars:

Ford American Cars:

General Motors American Cars:

Chrysler (Mopar) American Cars:

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