Classic Jaguar XK – The 6-Cylinder Cars, 1948 – 1970

Classic Jaguar XK – The 6-Cylinder Cars, 1948 – 1970

A very well laid out book detailing the history of the XK range of Jaguars with many black & white and colour photographs, illustrations and supporting data.

The Author has successfully covered the range of XKs from the inception in 1948 to the E-Type, with each chapter chronologically detailing the marque and history of the manufacturer’s technological evolution within that era.

The Jaguar XK was incredibly successful in racing and this has been covered in detail with particular mention to the 24 Hours of Le Mans race when Jaguar dominated the Motorsport world in the 1950’s. The ‘Racing Cousins’ such as the Lightweight E-Types and the Lister Knobbly have also been covered with sufficient detail without going too in-depth to become a specialist publication of each variation. There are plenty of books available about each of the specialist racing Jaguars to satisfy the enquiring reader’s curiosity.

At the end of each chapter is a summary of the specifications of each model from that particular era with technical and performance information.

Overall, this book delivers a definitive overview of the variety of XK’s produced over a 22-year span.


Author:  Brian Laban (2016)    Publisher:  Crowood Press   Hardback, 12 Chapters, 208 pages    Retail Price: £25.00


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